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Peerot Group

Oil, power and energy

Peerot Group is one of the first companies in Iraq which was worked in oil field, power and energy including the piping, tanks, site preparation and equipment supply.

Peerot Group

Construction field and transportation

Peerot Group has a large experience in construction field and transportation, Peerot Group worked with international companies in big strategic projects in different provinces of Iraq.
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Our Company

The first company of Peerot Group was founded in Kirkuk, Iraq on1986 and it was specialized in agricultural tools and the production of heavy equipment, it was one of the first companies in this domain at the time and contributed to the development of agricultural mechanization in Iraq, the company was an extension of the first specialized iron forging lab in Kirkuk, which was established on 1962.

Iraq's Leading Company

61years of experience
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    We believes that engineering is the first step on the road to successful completion of a project and its quality can greatly affect the final outcome regardless of project size.

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    Instrumentation and Control

    We offer services across a range of applications including Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Vibration, Level, Density, Viscosity and Wireless and Hart control.

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    Complete installation work in industrial set up i.e. installation of plant and equipment such as standby generators, automatic voltage regulators, transformers etc.

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    Planning of the commissioning schedule is established during the engineering phase where critical paths and shutdown philosophy is analyzed and agreed upon.


We are industry partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners success. We pride ourselves on being solution providers.

Our Guiding Principles

Peerot company supported by an experienced and a highly competent management team and has employed some of the best skills with direct knowledge and experience.

As our company is one of the largest construction companies in Iraq with a successful record in construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance for power field.

  • Established

    We established a company to share our years of experience to rebuild the power projects in Iraq. We make sure to apply the highest international engineering quality standards.

  • Success

    Peerot company has successfully completed all its projects in Iraq in time and high quality.

  • Opportunities

    Our company has become one of the largest and most re-able local contractors in Iraq.

  • High quality

    Peerot company is a company that can perform high-quality power, oil and electro-mechanical projects covering infra-structure fields.

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Today, Peerot Group is considered as a role model in the development of Iraqi companies and permanent quest for creativity in all areas, and the desire and the determination to the presence of Iraqi companies operating at the highest levels of competence needed also an example of commitment and punctuality and quality of the final product and customer satisfaction.

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It's a burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their outcomes and exceed their strategic goals. Though our goal is a bit aspirational, our values are what drive us every day.

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    An ISO 1900:2007

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